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    VILLA ON THE LAKE Nicslongstay

    Luxury villa retreat. Leaving chaos behind. Fresh up your life at the Northeast of Thailand.

    If the mountains, trees and water is the answer for your next vacation. Experience Nicslongstay at WangNamKheow ... “Switzerland of The Northeast of Thailand”.

    Our location at Saladdai Hillside, the beautiful and peaceful place. We built the houses in harmony with nature. At Nicslongstay Do not allow the use of sound, not only in order not to disturb other guests to relax but also not disturb the barking deers and wild boars that sometimes come to drink in the pond.

    For the activities, you can walk, jogging, bike riding, boating, kayaking around the area, maybe you also visit our organic farm.

    We have the building for panoramic 360 degree views for overlooking the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

    Nicslongstay provide Villa-style Resort. But filled with quality. The houses are built from 32 to 150 square meters for all houses built by the utility and the wind direction. The facilities include air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, electric kettle, tea, coffee, hot and cold water.

    Over 12 years, from the planted seedlings to the big tree, the top rank of ozone with the beautiful and peaceful place. Nicslongstay, the place to resting your mind.



    At WangNamKheow, not only has the beauty of nature, it’s also cool weather all year round. During the rainy season, the abundance of forest and weather conditions suitable for the growth of variety breeds of tree. It made WangNamKheow is covered with fog. That’s why WangNamKheow is very suitable for eco-tourism.

    There are beautiful waterfalls and scenic point overlooking the forest of Thap Lan National Park.

    You maybe enjoy the variety of fruits such as grapes, longan, lychee and more. It also has a flower garden - a beautiful ornamental planting vegetable and mushroom cultivation. The point is to attract tourists to the area as well.

    WangNamKheow is the ideal for travelers who want to relax and back to nature touch.
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